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About Us


In 2001, Jane and Cliff Norman established PKP Inc. to assist organizations accelerate learning and to adapt quickly to the ever present challenges occurring in the workplace. PKP assists leaders by engaging them effectively to transform their organization into a collaborative, learning, results-oriented system. To this end, PKP Inc. also develops and maintains a Moodle-based virtual learning environment for use by its clients. Jane & Cliff and their faculty have an International Client List which includes Jonkoping County Healthcare, Sweden, NHS in England & Scotland, SingHealth in Singapore, Canadian Healthcare (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario), Cherokee Nation, CareOregon, OCHIN, Fresenius, HP worldwide, and other non-healthcare businesses.


Cliff Norman joined API in 1988 and is one of six authors of The Improvement Guide, which is used worldwide within Healthcare as a primary reference for improvement since 1995 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).  He was instrumental in the development of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program (13 days) for Hewlett-Packard, leading over 80 waves.  Jane was also a faculty member for the first 8 days of this program for 7 waves.  The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program was based on the Model for Improvement and Deming’s Profound Knowledge theories.  This program was modified to 12 days and is currently used by IHI for their Improvement Advisor program.  Currently PKP, Inc. offers an 18 day Improvement Professional integrated workshop utilizing two Ami™ teams for certification within 9 months.


Since 1990, Jane Norman has had first-hand executive leadership experience using the API Improvement Model, Planned Experimentation, Quality as a Business Strategy, and managing and coaching over 500 improvement teams during her 30 year career.  She has developed and facilitates the trademarked Accelerated Model for Improvement (Ami™) methodology which routinely completes defined Ami™ projects in 90-100 days.  Jane is the President of PKP, Inc.


Jane and Cliff have partnered with Michael Maccoby of the Maccoby Group out of Washington, D.C. to write Transforming Health CareLeadership, which was published by Wiley in the summer of 2013.

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