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Rapid change in global markets is driving the need for organizations to accelerate learning and adapt to changes quickly to be successful. PKP assists leaders by engaging stakeholders effectively to transform their organization into a collaborative learning, results-oriented system.


Practical Values


We hold ourselves and our stakeholders to the highest  ethical standards

  • Stakeholders are associates, clients and the organizations and communities in which PKP impacts.

  • Operate according to the laws in the countries in which we work and expect the same from our clients and partners.

  • Work at the third level of ethical and moral reasoning.

  • At this third level of moral reasoning, stakeholders may be challenged to make tough decisions that don’t benefit themselves or their organizations, but will benefit the larger common good.


Safeguard confidentiality

  • Ensure that all client information is managed securely and with care to prevent unintended “leaks”.

  • If data is to be used from a client, it should be “cleaned” so that it cannot be identified by others, with approval of the client sought before publishing.

  • We expect stakeholders to protect our intellectual property as we protect theirs.


We work with stakeholders who possess the desire to learn and change for the better

  • Seek clients who are willing to question themselves and all aspects of the way that they run their organizations.

  • Ensure alignment of clients, even to the extent of sacrificing our short-term business needs.

  • Seek clients who want to develop internal capability in order for the client to execute sustainable positive change.

  • Seek clients who want to develop long-term learning relationships.


Respect stakeholders & recognize their contributions

  • Prize each stakeholder and her/his individual capabilities.

  • Exhibiting trust and care with the way we treat others

  • Recognize and appreciate their abilities, qualities, contributions, and achievement.

  • Seek to understand the issue at hand before responding.  

  • Practice effective conflict resolution.


Provide Value for stakeholders

  • Help leaders and others move from ideas to practical application.

  • Challenge ourselves and our clients to contribute to their organizations.

  • Maximize stakeholder value by following policies that:

    • minimize cost and waste while improving the quality of its services and products.

    • enhance the skills and satisfaction of PKP associates.

    • contribute to the development of the community from which PKP draws its resources and sustenance.

  • Solicit stakeholder feedback to ensure that they perceive value is being delivered by PKP.


Create a rewarding, dynamic, and challenging environment for our associates and clients

  • Provide opportunities for stakeholders to learn, unlearn and relearn.

  • Accept that dissonance occurs when stakeholders are confronted with ideas which cause them to question previous thinking or actions.

  • Hold ourselves each other to the highest standards of learning and delivery.

  • Take pride in work.

  • Have a feeling of accomplishment and value for the things we do.

  • Make it easier to do the right thing and harder to do the wrong thing.

  • Create a positive, “Can Do” attitude.

  • Keep our sense of humor and help each other to do so.


Continuously learn, collaborate, & share knowledge

  • Continually develop, improve skills and knowledge in order to adapt and therefore perform effectively.

  • Work productively with each other by sharing knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise.

  • Advocate new ideas.

  • Show curiosity.

  • Help others move from concept to application.

  • Provide opportunities to collaborate and learn.

  • Encourage other stakeholders to collaborate and learn within and between their organizations.


Innovate & adapt at every opportunity

  • Be willing to consider new opportunities.

  • Suggest alternatives.

  • Integrate and synthesize to create new ideas or theories.

  • Be original and creative in thinking.

  • Ensure ideas have merit and are theory-based.

  • Partner with others.


React quickly and professionally to stakeholders

  • React or reply quickly to phone calls, e-mails, perform timely follow-ups, etc.

  • Respond professionally to issues.


Use resources judiciously

  • Exercise sound judgment when using company and client financial, time and other resources.

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