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The Matrix


The matrix above gives you an idea of the vast functionality of our Moodle-based ShareMoreTM platform. We can customize the features to meet your needs.


Pricing is project-based. The first step is to meet with your team to determine what needs to be accomplished. There is no charge for this initial meeting. Price estimate will be based on results of this meeting.


Bear in mind that this is not a canned system. It is customized to meet your needs, and it resides in our LMS, so you don't have to deal with any site administration.


We bill at $75 per hour.


To give you an idea of project costs, the ShareMore Basic as described in the matrix typically runs about $500, depending on the size of files uploaded. This includes online training. At the more expensive end, online course development can easily run up to several thousand dollars or more, depending on the scope and complexity of the courses.

Set up company-owned and managed LMS


If you prefer to have your own Moodle LMS and administer it yourself, we can assist with that, too. Your IT Department will download and install Moodle on your company's server. We will train your staff in administering the LMS, once it is up and running. The Moodle LMS is a very robust system that can handle practically all of your LMS and in-house knowledge repository needs. You don't need to know all of its capabilities in order to take advantage of it. We will train staff in its use with tailor-made training, so that you are not overwhelmed by its vast functionality. We'll focus only what you need to know to accomplish your purpose.

Support Plan


We can also set up a scaled monthly support plan that allows for ongoing access to Moodle professionals to guide you along the way - with the fastest response times in the industry - whether managing your site through our LMS, or your own Moodle site. We're here to help.


For more information about ShareMore, please contact Jesse Treviño.


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