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Services to Improve your Organization


PKP offers a variety products and services to assist you to achieve your organization's vision.


We offer consulting services that address a variety of issues in the workplace:


  • Identification and Prioritization of Strategic Projects

  • Data Analysis for Improvement

  • System Mapping

  • Improvement Team Coaching

  • Executive, Management, and Staff Coaching

  • Personality Intelligence

  • Planned Experimentation: Design and Analysis


To support Improvement:


  • AmiTM Improvement Team Workshops

  • Improvement Professional Development

  • PKP eLearning Modules

  • Improvement Forms

  • SDl lnventories for Personality Intelligence


To support and develop Leaders:


  • Leadership Workshops

  • Virtual Learning & Coaching Sessions

  • Consulting


See our <<Workshops>> page and our <<eLearning>> page for additional information.

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